New to native plant gardening
in the Tennessee Valley?

Here are a few downloadable documents to help you get started…

Landscaping with Native Plants

Landscaping with Native Plants – East Tennessee

Native Perennials and Shrubs that Support Bees and Beneficial Insects – a plant list with bloom times

Native Plants for Pollinators – a plant list with growing requirements and indication of butterfly host plants

Easy-to-Grow and Easy-to-Find Native Pollinator Plants

Native Plants for Birds – a plant list

Wild for Monarchs – How to plant a native plant butterfly garden or Monarch waystation

Native Evergreens for Landscaping – a descriptive plant list

Tennessee’s Native Plant Alternatives to Exotic Invasives – information and plant list

Products That Are Toxic to Pollinators


Visit the Chattanooga Pollinator Partnership (CHAPP) website to learn about restoring pollinator habitats in the Chattanooga area.